The First Entry

by Rumour Miller on February 22, 2005

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What do you say in your first entry? Introductions?

I am a lawyer, practising in a small city (with a small town persona) and it is the best job I have ever had. The stress actually comes from the work that I do (Family Law, Real Estate Law, Wills and Estates Law) and not from the people I work for or work with. What a freaking difference! It took me a long time to enjoy “lawyering” and I am certain it is because of the people I was working with and for. You spend the majority of day with those people, it should at least be enjoyable.

C and I have been married for almost four years. Not a day goes by that I do not count my blessings for what I have in him. He is my support system and my best friend.

C is an Engineer and he loves his work. He is so hard working and I admire that in him. He would do anything for you and has a quality that draws people to him. I love him.

Our biggest challange has been starting our family. Which is a difficult obstacle to overcome. We have been “trying” for 444 days (as of today). In January of 2005, we suffered an early pregnancy loss that is termed a “Chemical Pregnancy”. The only time you can actually be “sorta pregnant”. We are very upset about our loss and at the same time we are able to grab onto more hope as this was the first time that anything ever really happened for us. It was the first time we have ever even seen what a POSITIVE Home Pregnancy Test looks like. What feeling of overwhelming joy! I ran around the house (with Molson, our black lab in tow) looking for the camera and then batteries and then batteries that worked, so I could take a picture to email to C at work. No luck, so I drove out to meet him and show him the test! I have never been happier or more excited about anything! Our due date would have been September 23, 2005. A day that will forever be etched in my mind.

For those of you that have never experienced Infertility, I urge you to look at the following link

Empty Arms

And still we wait in excited anticipation of the blessing that may some day be ours.

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