Reflections on 2004

by Rumour Miller on February 25, 2005

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In 2004, our life changed and continues to change.

In 2004, after two years of living in Waterloo, we moved back “home”. Home is where I feel settled and I feel settled, we are home. I am thankful that C is so understanding of my need to be as close to my family as I can be. We didn’t have to discuss it for long, he knew that I was not happy where we were and there was no question that he wanted me to be happy.

In 2004, we really started trying to have a family and also learned that it was going to a bumpy road for us and not as easy as we were led to believe in highschool health class. We have yet to be blessed with this miracle.

In 2004, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary! It seems like just yesterday that we got married and I still marvel over our wedding photos and how happy we were and our family and friends were on that day.

In 2004, I became addicted to scrapbooking with Creative Memories products. I have finished our very first book that takes us through our dating years to present time. I started books for both my parents and C’s parents as well as for my sister. I also started a separate book dedicated “our vacations and trips”. It really is a great hobby and past time.

I am thankful for 2004 and I look forward to what 2005 will bring.

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