by Rumour Miller on March 7, 2005

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Went to see Miss Saigon at Rainbow Stage yesterday afternoon. What a great show! We decided just to drive into the Peg for the day… enjoy the show and eat Thai food! Thai food that you can’t get here!

So as we get into the city, it is snowing! Hard to believe as it was so warm and sunny on Saturday. By the time the show ended the main highway back home was closed! Waiting it out might not have happened (don’t know when they re-opened the road) and staying in the Peg was not an option for me! We had to call friends and get them to stop by and let our dog out! Poor, Moby! First we abandoned him for the day and then on top of it all don’t even get home in time to let him out! Thank goodness for friends…..

We drove down to another “road less travelled” and voila, it wasn’t closed. The driving conditions were not too bad and we made it home. Late but no worse for wear… today the weather isn’t too bad. Still some flurries coming down, but the sun is warm.

Glad that we were not storm stuck in the Peg last night.

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