Great Neighbours, Great Friends!

by Rumour Miller on March 12, 2005

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When C and I bought our first house, we were lucky to have a young couple live across the street from us that we became very good friends with, (H & J). Most days was a shout out across the street and a wave and “Hey! Duker shit all over my carpet!” Duker being their dog! Others were hours sitting around visiting.

We had them over for Thanksgiving Turkey one year and enjoyed a slumber party with their 8 month old son (we still tell him that story). We have been friends with them for 5 years, including four moves (them twice, us twice), the birth of their second child, the current 7 hour distance between us and our struggle with infertility.

We are able to talk about lots of things and more importantly joke and laugh about the cards that life sometimes deal us. For example: At breakfast at a restaurant with them and their 4 year old and almost 3 year old (kids were very well behaved, BTW.)

N says: “Could imagine doing this if C and I had two kids?”
H says: “Oh yeah, think of the camping trips. How will we manage that? And you know you and C will have twins, and we’ll be sitting there laughing at you!”
N says: “I will ship them to your place.”

The thing is, I know they will be sitting there laughing at us… but I also know that they will be happy for us, they will be there for us and they will still be great friends.

We attended a benefit social for J’s niece (she is suffering from Hyperinsulinsim sp?) and is going to Philladelphia to meet with a Doctor there. There are only 47 cases in North America and she is the youngest (9months). They leave in less than a week and don’t know how long they will be down there. H won three of the many wonderful silent auction prizes and shared her loot with friends and family. In fact, she gave me the Hot Air Balloon Ride for 2. We have been wanting to do that for years and she (without even thinking about it) gave it to us.

We miss the days that they were just across the street but over the years our friendship has grown and we wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China, or all the money at the bank. Great friends don’t come with a price tag and conditions. Well the only condition being that we make the time to see more of eachother.

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