I Love Our Billet!!

by Rumour Miller on April 7, 2005

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This kid is so funny! I have to share this story.

Last night after supper, Sami mentions to us that he is expecting company in the evening. The company turns out to be a girl. As we are cleaning up the supper dishes, I suggest to C that we go out for Dairy Queen for ice cream. Here is the conversation that follows:

Sami; Does this include me too?
Me: If you want it to, then yes.
Sami: Are you going right away?
Me: Yes.
Sami: Well, I can’t. I just phone M (aka the girl) and she is coming over now.
C: So call her back and tell her to come a bit later.
Sami: I can’t call her again, bring me back something.
Me: No, that is rude to eat your DQ in front of your friend.
Sami: No it isn’t. Maybe I will go with you and she can wait at the door.
Me: No, you can’t leave her waiting outside at the door.
Sami: Should I call her and ask her to bring us DQ?
Me: (huge laughing spell) NO, that is rude.
Sami: Okay then. Do we have ice cream at home?
Me: Yes.
Sami: I will just have some of that later.

My goodness, it was so funny! I can’t imagine being in his 18 year old head! He sure is some fun to have around though and we will certainly miss him when he goes home this summer.

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