Ugh, Mondays….

by Rumour Miller on May 2, 2005

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Well it is Monday and I hate Mondays… well not really, but I hate starting a whole new week of work. We need long weekends every weekend. I’d support that.

Yesterday was a bit of a lazy day. We did get the house tidied up and watched two movies in the late afternoon. It was so chilly here yesterday. The sun is out today and the temp is supposed to get up to +4 (woo hoo, right?).

I am really hoping for a warm or even hot summer. Last summer was miserable and we didn’t even get to go camping at all. It was too cold. We are still tenters so you can imagine how cold we would be! This year, we would like to try out our new Timmy’s camping gear. We took the tent out of the package and it even says Tim Horton’s on it! Ha ha. It is a good size too. We now have three tents! Our oldest one is just a two man so we don’t use it anymore. I let my sister borrow it, to “house” her drunk friends on her 30th birthday…. May long, hopefully it will be warm.

Well I am still agitated over my damn blog template! I will have to sit down and try to get it working again…. darn.

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