The Penguin Suit

by Rumour Miller on May 12, 2005

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That is me, the lawyer. I am many things but my day job is Lawyer… When I was practising in Ontario, I wore my robes almost weekly. Here in Manitoba I have dawned the elegant attire twice in a year and a half and the first time was during my official swearing in ceremony or “Call to the Bar”.

These things are friggin expensive… I think I paid $1,200.00 or something for them. Of course, I will be required to upgrade the shirts eventually and of course, they are a special shirt with a tabbed collar.

Anyway, I was in court this afternoon and was required to wear them and it just got me to thinking about posting a picture. It isn’t even a great picture, you can’t see the flowing long robe that we wear. *sigh*

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