by Rumour Miller on May 14, 2005

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The Wheaties lost last night and that puts them out of the playoffs. Our house is sad because this means two things for us… 1. Our team is not going to the memorial cup and 2. our billet is going home soon. This week sometime. Our house will be quiet and our dog will be lost without him.

Looking forward to September…

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Sweet Soul May 14, 2005 at 12:31 pm

That’s too bad. It’s hard when your billets leave. They become such a part of the family it’s like watching a brother or son leave the home. The first day is the toughest because it’s like geez, they’re gone. What do I do? But, on the good side, you have a new member of the family that is always there. We love the boys so much and miss them too! Just think of all the good time you had with Sami and be thankful that you had that time!

Anywho…..guess who I drank with last nite! LOL….Aaron Geary….howah…..he was telling me a story about you pounding him at a party back in the day for being an ass…he’s funny! He asked how you were doing and is glad to hear you are doing so well. He’ll probably stop by next weekend and visit for a bit. Weird eh? Hasn’t been to see mom and dad for years…..it was interesting anyway.

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