Feeling Good.

by Rumour Miller on May 30, 2005

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I am feeling really good today and it’s Monday! Now that’s an accomplishment… ha ha. I am still grinning about my raise. I have to confess, it was over 14%. Huge, I know. I had put forward an argument about why I should be given that much and part of it was my gas expenses for driving to our other office once a week. It is 100 km both ways. So now I have the raise, and can still write off the driving expenses on my taxes.

This morning, I was in court for the Master’s List. A few people were there “representing themselves” (sans lawyer) and the Master spent about 15 minutes explaining to them that they need to obtain counsel. I agree! I went to university for 6 years to become a lawyer and it is frustrating when non-lawyers attempt to represent themselves. There are times when Lawyers don’t even get it right, let alone someone who has no idea what they are doing.

This is my pitch for the day, in support of my career. “Don’t go to court without a lawyer!”

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