It’s Monday… need I say more?

by Rumour Miller on June 20, 2005

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I don’t like Mondays. Mondays mean the weekends over and the work week has just begun. Mondays mean five more days of 9 to 5 (if your lucky) or 9 to whenever you get the shit on your desk done. Mondays can be doubly worse if you were away the Friday before the Monday.

Your work load is soooo slow and the days are dragging on and on, that you are crying for more work to do to keep busy… is this you? Take a day or two off and wham! All of the emergencies will happen while you are away and demand your attention when you return. Leaving you in a mess to get the shit done. Then it becomes a “pulling your hair out Monday”.

It’s even better if your attendance is required in Court for the first hour of the day……

I wish it were Friday.

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