Is Mother Nature mad at us?

by Rumour Miller on July 8, 2005

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Big storm last night,
unlike any other this year so far.
Scary in fact.

Poor Moby, tail between his legs,
ears back, so sad.

Basements all over flooded,
damage to be repaired.
Not our basement, we are lucky.

Today it is hot and humid.
35 degrees celsius,
what is the humidity?
I don’t know.

Tomorrows forcast is calling for
a humidex of 47 degrees celsius.
Oh me, oh my.
Mother Nature seems mad.
Thank goodness for air conditioning,
and thank goodness that Craig had
it installed three weeks ago.

I need a mickey mouse and dora bandaid,
oh ya and a popsicle… to make it all
go away. Works for Bonny’s very smart
2 year old, thought I’d try it.

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BonnyT July 9, 2005 at 6:19 am

Wait…it must be a WATERMELON popsicle…Chapman’s. That is the key ingredient…;)

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