Small World After All

by Rumour Miller on September 19, 2005

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Remember my post about
going to the Junos?

Amanda Stott
sat behind us.

Her picture is on here
because she was so close.

Turns out this local
singer/song writer
has an aunt and uncle
that live down the street
from us.

We finally met them
last week at a
neighbour’s BBQ.

Not only that,
but Amanda’s uncle
is the Architect
that designed the
house that we now
call home.

What a small world
after all.

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Sweet Soul September 19, 2005 at 10:24 am

Holy guacamole…that is so kewl! I have a question. That eagle feather that uncle guy gave you, do you want it? Just wondering if you do because I’m going to hang mine and do what I need to do with it. Thought I would hang yours too if you didn’t want it.

Sweet Soul September 19, 2005 at 10:28 am

I have it, if you want it.

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