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by Rumour Miller on October 11, 2005

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We really did get some snow here last week.
In fact, it was a Winter Storm Warning.
Power out all over the place and I went
home early from work on Wednesday.

The snow is gone for now though.
Although I am sure it won’t be long before
it returns for good.

Turkey weekend was great!
The drive to Thompson was agonizing
but well worth the trip!
Our friend has been hunting for
moose the past few weeks.
Being toyed with…. they see
the tracks but no moose in sight.

Wouldn’t you know it, as we
were leaving Thompson Monday
morning, that darn moose walked
right out across the highway.

I tried to get a picture to send
to my friend and tease him a bit.
But the moose was on the run.

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