The clock keeps ticking

by Rumour Miller on October 17, 2005

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October already. Halloween just
around the corner. Life goes on.

Friday October 14, Craig got a phone call from
the orthopeodic surgeon in Winnipeg.
“We can fit you in for your hip replacement…
on Thursday October 27!!!” Holy crap!

That gives us no time to think about anything.
My first ultrasound is on the 31st and Craig
will be two hours away. Shit. We have tried to
reschedule it and the best that they could do
was put us on a waiting list for it.

I only hope the hospital is able to squeeze us in early
for our ultrasound because Craig really wants to be there and I
really want him to be there. Our first chance to catch a
glimpse of our first baby.

So next week we will be sitting at the hospital in
Winnipeg while the Doctors work magic on Craig’s hip.
Goodbye pain, hello new hip. I am happy for him. He
has lived with the pain in his hip since we were in Waterloo
which was two years ago. He hides it well, but I can tell.
He limps more and he drags his feet when he walks. Poor

Oh yea! I almost forgot. Craig’s mom is planning
to come from Nova Scotia to help out. We are
excited for so many reasons…. a big one is that
she will actually get to see me while I am pregnant
with her sixth grandchild.

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dreamer October 17, 2005 at 10:45 am

hey kid hope everything goes good with craig joint replacement, bonding i’ve had a couple put in than some taken out its like a never ending circle but it sure feels good when it doesn’t hurt any more.oh before i forget are you still going with the pooh theme? and where is ur chatterbox??

Rumour Miller October 17, 2005 at 11:07 am

I am not getting a chatterbox. No interest in it.

Pea’s room theme is WINNIE THE POOH and friends too.

Karen October 18, 2005 at 6:46 am

wishes for a speedy recovery for Craig. Hope he gets to be there for the ultrasound. Glad that his Mom is going to be there with you guys.
take care,

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