Self Doubt

by Rumour Miller on October 19, 2005

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Why do we do it to ourselves?
Not have faith in our own abilities?
I was like this in Law School too.
Didn’t think I could do it, didn’t
think that I could pass and actually
become a full fledged practising lawyer.

It happened again this morning. Or I should
say it started happening yesterday as I was
preparing for my court appearance this morning.

Wondered if I would “win”, get the Judge to
give me what my client was asking for.
Wondered why the heck I do this job, if
I don’t think I can. If I think I will
let my clients down. If I think I will fail.

Self doubt. Lack of confidence. Definitely
not arrogant. I guess that, at least, is
a good thing.

I win some and I lose some.
Today I “won” and the Judge gave my client
what they wanted.
Maybe next time I will “lose”
but damn it, I am determined to find
that confidence and let
go of the self doubt.
Maybe after I’ve been
practising for 10 years?

Nah, probably not. Keeps me human and let me
tell you… lawyers are human.

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bbsgirl October 20, 2005 at 12:14 am

wooohoooo…good job!!!!

Oh..By the way…it’s me Jan…I’ve got a new look…moved and changed my blog ans starting over.

Good lUck with the Ultra sound today.

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