The Head Cold

by Rumour Miller on January 6, 2006

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Found me in the worst way this week.
Seriously I just want to pull my effing nose off
of my face. If it isn’t stuffed up, it’s running
and I can’t catch it!

Our Lab Molson has acquired yet another new nickname.
Pissy Pants. Or it should be Pissy Bed.
Two days in a row we awake to a wet spot on HIS bed. We are assuming that the poor thing is just sleeping through it because surely even the dog would not want to lay in that.

This happened last year and the Vet checked him out only to tell us that we probably just have a “lazy” dog. When it is really cold out dogs will go out and empty their bladder just enough so that they don’t have the urge to go. Then will wet the bed in their sleep. So we believed the Vet last year when it was like -30 celsius… so what about this year? It has been unseasonably warm, hovering right around 0.

I may have to come to terms with the fact that I have a lazy dog. He is to tired to whimper at the side of our bed for a night time potty break. So this week, his new name is Pissy Pants and he just doesn’t get it. How fun is that?

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