Partial Bedrest

by Rumour Miller on February 1, 2006

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It’s official. I am on bedrest orders from my doctor. Ideally he would like me to be at home resting full time but told me try working part time until I see him again.

My blood pressure was up at my last two visits and this last visit the babe’s heartrate was quite high as well. She finally came down to 150bpm. His words to us, “Babies take a long time to get here. At least 9 months. Don’t screw it up in the last two months.” In our case this baby has taken almost three years! Two years preparation and 10 months to grow.

And we agree. So readers, this morning was my first official morning of sleeping in. If you can call it that. I am up on and off from the time I go to bed at night until the time I finally get out of bed in the morning. This morning I laid in bed awake for about 40 minutes thinking of all the things I could do with this extra time – things the Dr. doesn’t want me to do. REST. Get lots of REST.

I know this is best for baby and for me. I hope that Craig manages okay with this. Soon you will see letters to the Bedrest Mommy and it will be Craig clawing his eyes out of his head.

So, in advance of all that… Craig, I love you. You have been so good to me and I really really appreciate it when you get me my bedtime snack.

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BonnyT February 1, 2006 at 2:55 pm

Enjoy it and take it easy.

Have you got a body pillow?

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