Month Three – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on June 6, 2006

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Dear Piper;

You are now three months old and you are getting sweeter each and every day. I know that I am biased but I think you are the cutest baby ever!

You travelled a great distance in this last month with a van ride to Edmonton/Calgary Alberta and back home again. I can’t say that you enjoyed all the time in the van but for a wee babe you did pretty good.

Daddy thought that buying you a new carseat would increase your comfort and our peace while on these longer trips. We aren’t convinced that it has worked but man what a styling seat you now have. Mommy just loves the pattern. It was a bit pricey but you will get use out of it for a few years.

We have learned that you thrive on a schedule and routine. Without one you are down right grouchy. This was a real eye opener for us and you sure taught us a valuable lesson. Mommy now knows just how important a routine is for you and hopefully this will help us to avoid any future meltdowns.

Your sleep schedule is pretty consistant although every now and again you through a wrench into that tire. It is hard to function on 8 hours of sleep in 3 hour intervals… seriously Piper aren’t you ready to sleep the whole night through? We are!

My favourite time (and your best time) continues to be in the morning. You are so full of shits and giggles and we have so much fun! You spend your mornings smiling, cooing and telling us stories and that my dearest Pea makes the sleep deprivation all worth it.

Everyone seems to think that you look like your Daddy more and more each day. Mommy wonders which traits of hers you will display. Perhaps Mommy’s attitude? Ohhh watch out! Even though Mommy thinks that you are a beautiful, sweet, stinkin cute baby – she really wants you to know that we love you because you are you. My hopes for you are that you will grow up to be a well adjusted, happy person. I want you to believe in yourself no matter what challanges you face.

You had your two month shots at the beginning of May. What an experience that was for all of us. If you were speaking, you would have told the Doctor where he could shove his needles! We watched as your face turned thirty shades of red and you bellowed a scream from deep within. I can honestly say that if you would have bellowed the eff word, we would have looked the other way. Mommy felt terrible but you made it through no worse for wear and all in one piece. When we got you home, you snoozed and were very well behaved considering the ordeal you just went through. We had been expecting the worst – but again you surprised us.

I hate to tell you this, but we have to do it all again in July when you have your four month shots.

You also went swimming for the first time and you loved it! You were kicking your feet and moving your arms just like you are supposed to do. It is amazing how natural it was (or appeared to be). Mommy knows that you will probably love to spend time in the hot tub. Perhaps the two of us can work on convincing Daddy that we need a pool of our own with chants of “can we get a pool dad, can we get a pool dad”.

To see a video of your first swim, see below and enjoy.

Or you can always go to

  • Piper’s Photos and Videos
  • And look at the videos on Wednesday May 24, 2006

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    Mommy & Daddy also discovered that you very much enjoy showering! This was a fluke discovery. We knew you needed to have a bath and we were short on time so we decided that you should just shower with Daddy. This was the first of many showers for you.

    Although we won’t give up on the bathing all together, this is certainly easier for us so long as both Mommy & Daddy are there.

    Piper, Mommy has so many pictures that she would like to add to these letters but there is just too many. These last three months have been so much fun for us. Exposing you to new things and watching your reaction. Seeing the world through you has been such a joy for us and we are so blessed.

    Mommy loves you, Sweetest Pea.

    Love Mommy.

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