Winds of Change Continued

by Rumour Miller on July 16, 2006

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Since Craig and I have been together
we have had many life experiences…

In our first year of marriage alone we
experienced a job loss and a long distance
move some 2000 km away from where
we started. This was a huge stress for us.
I was lonely and becoming depressed.
Something we did not truly recognize until
the death of our nephew, Logan.

All within our first year of marriage.

It was in that year that I truly realized
just how very much Craig and I were
meant to be together.

We were eachother’s rock.

I often catch myself thinking about how
blessed and lucky I am… even now as
we face yet another job loss and probably
another move. Winds of change.

Craig is parting ways with his employer. Finished. Done.
Just like that. In a second our lives have
changed, only this time it isn’t just us. We
have a family to worry about.

I do not want to move. I love my job. I love
my home and I loved where we were in our
life. There is no other opportunity for Craig
where we are living. Nothing. Nada. *sigh*

Winds of change. I just hope these winds blow us
East just a bit. Not too far East. Hoping for approximately
200 km East.

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