Month Five – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on August 6, 2006

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Dear Piper –

Month number five! Holy smokes, baby girl you are growing so big. Your personality is starting to shine and we are now well aware of what Mommy traits you have inherited. A sure sign that you will not take bull from any cowboy or cowgirl! We are making a huge life change in the up and coming months and we certainly hope that you will bear with us and just go with the flow. We bought a new house yesterday for you to grow in. We are going to miss Brandon and our home but you will soon learn that home really is where your heart is and wherever you and Daddy are is where my heart is.

In the last month you attended swimming lessons twice a day for a week and we had so much fun. You really seem to enjoy it and especially liked the “boat” rides. Cousin Lizzy came to stay with us for two weeks and the two of you were able to spend some time together. Mommy used to babysit Lizzy when she was your age.

The highlight of the last month was when you finally discovered your feet! While Mommy was changing your diaper your legs went up and your hands grabbed onto your feet. Daddy was so excited, “look, she’s never done that before.” It was true. Now, every chance you get your feet are in your hands. Keep it up girl because there will come a day when you can hardly reach your knees let alone your feet and you will wish you could play with them like you used to.

You went on your first ever plane ride the day before you turned 5 months and we were so very proud. What an amazing little girl you are. You slept the entire time and you did not mind that our flight was delayed and we were routed through Ottawa for the night. In fact, Ottawa, is now another city to add to the places you have been. We are now in Halifax with Grammy & Grampy and I smile as I type this listening to them talk to you. You have settled in nicely after our two day travellextravaganza.

You tried your first lemon this month and it was fun to watch. You seemed to enjoy it a bit but still managed to give us funny face. You can watch the video below.

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You also went on your first ever camping trip. These trips are annual events for Daddy, Molson and I and we continue to look forward to all the fun we will have with you on them.

Piper, you have been the sun in our storm clouds and for that we thank you.

Mommy loves you, sweetest Pea.
Love Mommy.

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soralis August 8, 2006 at 9:13 am

What a beautiful letter! She will love to read those some day.

Enjoy your time away and good luck with the move.

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