Leaving Nova Scotia

by Rumour Miller on August 17, 2006

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Back to the Prairies after two weeks
on the East Coast.

Piper’s first trip to her Daddy’s province
of birth. She was a fabulous flyer, sharing
her big smiles with everyone!

The trip East started with a flight delay
and no chance of making our connection
in T Dot… so Air Canada says, “we can put
you up for the night in T Dot and you can
fly to Halifax in the morning. Oh, except that
we are told there are no hotels available in
the big T Dot because of the delays.”

So to this I say, “Then do not, I repeat do
not send us there with a five month old!!
Could you effing imagine spending the night
in the Toronto Airport sleeping on benches
with a five month old?”

So they sent us to Ottawa and put us up in
the Chartier Hotel on Elgin. A chance for
me to tell my daughter about the adventures
I had living in residence and attending the
University of Ottawa. We made it to Halifax
the following morning.

Piper was amazing. She slept the entire way
to Ottawa and did not even wake up when
we caught the taxi to the hotel and I laid her
into bed. She slept like a viking.

The trip back was a bit more eventful as Piper
was in no mood to sleep the entire way. She
wanted to visit with the other passengers and
flash them her oh so effing cute smile. Men,
women, boys, girls, of all ages, they all get to
see her smile. That is, of course, until she no
longer wants to smile and decides, “I am tired
right now, damn it!”

Then I caught myself pleading with her,
“Oh please Piper, please don’t be THAT

And she listened.

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soralis August 21, 2006 at 11:28 am

And that’s why I always try to fly westjet! LOL!

Glad you made it home safely!

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