Livin in La La Land

by Rumour Miller on September 5, 2006

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I have lots of thoughts roaming in my
head about many things and I can’t
seem to get them all straight.

I keep thinking about going back to
work in March and wondering if I
will be ready to leave Piper all day

I feel the pull to work but I feel a strong
pull to stay home with her too. I am
thinking about a “career change” to allow
for some temporary flexibility while my
family is this young. I don’t know, like
I said lots of thoughts in this brain of

I want to start trying for baby number
two. I don’t know if we will. We talk
about when the time will be and there
has been no decision made in that regard.

I worry that baby number two will take us
two years to create and if we postpone it by
a year or two…. well you can do the math.

I wish I were living in la la land….

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