Month Six – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on September 6, 2006

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Dear Piper

You are now officially half way through your first year of life! We can hardly believe it. In this past month you have started sitting up all by yourself! Although you have yet to master your balance you are getting better everyday. It is amazing how one day you aren’t sitting up on your own and the next day you are. Like, overnight, you decided “Tomorrow, I sit up.”

You had a fabulous trip to Nova Scotia and you were certainly a hit with all of your cousins. It is too bad that we do not live closer but we will make an honest effort to keep you in close contact with them.

We moved away from the home that you started your life in. Daddy has started a new job that has moved us to a new house and home. At first Mommy and Daddy were both very sad but now that we have moved we are very optimistic about the life that we will have here in our new community.

You spent four nights at Gramma and Grampa’s without Mommy & Daddy. We used those four days to move into our new home and get settled a little bit. We are sure that Gramma & Grampa enjoyed the time that you spent with them while they had you all to themselves.

We have had a bit of set back when it comes to your sleep habits. You, once again, are needing our arms to fall asleep. You are also going to bed in your crib but waking only to land in our bed before midnight. This, darling, isn’t just your fault but ours. Not only do we love snuggling with you but, Mommy is going to be honest here, it is much easier to bring you to bed then to sit up with you rocking. We are THOSE parents. Perhaps this weekend we will start back to the Millerizing… err Ferberizing methods of helping you sleep alone. We are not looking forward to it.

You are now eating three square meals a day… okay not quite but you havetried carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and green beans. The carrots were not a hit but we are hoping to try them again soon. My gosh, girl, you certainly enjoy eating and you are so easy to feed so far. Soon will come the days when we will have to put on full body suits for meal times and start dodging the food that will be flying.

This is the time of year that Mommy loves! Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then, the mother of all holidays, CHRISTMAS! We are looking forward to Christmas with you and watching you experience snow for the first time. We are going to have so much fun with you. I think that Gramma and Grampa are going to have so much fun spoiling you too! Mommy is just imagining all the presents that will be under the Christmas tree for you and she gets so excited thinking about it.

Mommy loves you, Sweetest Pea.

Love Mommy

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granma September 6, 2006 at 2:00 pm

i can hardly wait till xmas, it will be soooo much fun watching mommy opening all those gifts.

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