Loose Ends

by Rumour Miller on September 8, 2006

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The hubster, the baby and I
went back to Brandon today.
To tie up some loose ends.

Piper had her final dr. appointment with the
paediatrician that was present at her birth
(and her six months shots – where the eff
has the time gone?). My four week early baby
girl is right on track.

We then stopped in and had her six month
photo shoot with Inge from Images by Inge.
Will post those stinkin cute pictures once
we get them back.

I also went to see our family physican. A
social call really – and she was glad to see
me. I wanted to say goodbye to her. She
was such a huge support for me during our
Journey to Parenthood… I feel a special type
of friendship with her.

We talked. She wished me well and gave
me the updates on her children (as she
usually does) and when I stood up to leave
she hugged me. How many people have
been so fortunate to have a doctor like
that? I told her that if I could take her and
her husband (our baby doctor) with me, I
would. She smiled. She agreed.

Our last stop was at the Wheat King’s office.
Where we said our final goodbye and got first
dibs on the stinkin cutest outfit for Piper. They
asked us to send them a picture of her in it so
they could put it on the website. Still part of
the “Wheat King Family” and will certainly
miss that.

Tied up some loose ends today. Feels good
to have things a bit more organized around
The Rumour Mill Headquarters.

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