by Rumour Miller on September 11, 2006

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Five years ago today I was still
living on the high of being a
newlywed. Two months earlier
Craig and I were married.

I remember exactly where
I was five years ago today.
Sitting at my desk when
a colleague and friend came
into my office and told me the

We were in and out of our
boardroom that day watching
the events unfold on the news.
It was just so very hard to believe.

Since that day we are so suspicious.
Cautious. Some continue to fly in
fear. Some don’t fly at all. All the
families that were torn apart. The
effects of that day linger.

So far away from ground zero, I sit
here remembering that I called my
husband to tell him I loved him.

So far away from ground zero, I sit
here tonight watching him play with
our daughter. I know that so many
children were robbed of those moments
with mothers, fathers or grandparents.
So many spouses forced to carry on
without their partner.

I think of all of the victims and their
families and I thank God for what
I have sitting before me today.

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Lora September 12, 2006 at 8:03 am

You really know how to get to the heart of the matter. I, too, felt so far away from Ground Zero, yet somehow felt the pain as if I’d been standing next to it.

I had to backtrack and catch up on your and Piper’s world. I love the letter you wrote to her at 6 months (I pull Lily into bed when she wakes at night too!).

I also love the picture of her next to the train, she is dressed so cute. Oh, Piper, tell your parents to vacation in NC and come play with Lily!

Can’t wait to see the professional pics!

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