Workin like a dog.

by Rumour Miller on October 20, 2006

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That’s my husband… seriously.
He has always been a hard worker
but this new job has taken the cake.
The one consolation prize is all the
damn over time he is being paid.

They are so busy right now and his
collegue has been called to an emergency
in Edmonton so Craig has to cover.
Which means working two weeks straight
without a day off. He has already done this
once before and Piper and I flew the coop to my parents.

Not this time though. We have Piper on a really
good schedule right now. She is napping like a
friggen viking (and I OH SO QUADRUPLE LOVE
THAT) and I am afraid to upset that. Yes that’s
right, our 7 month old rules the Roost. AND she
knows it. Smarty Pants.

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fakir005 October 20, 2006 at 2:02 pm

Oh God, Too much over time means boredom and knitting of booties for the poor wife. I know the wife rather be with husband than with poor parents to hear the cries of her heart. But this is life. I’d encourage the wife though because the money would come in handy to send the baby to ccollege when the time comes. How is that for a consolation.

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