by Rumour Miller on October 27, 2006

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Craig’s left hip is an entire year old today.
Now, I know I say this alot (probably
entirely too much) but where the eff
has the time gone?

It seems like just yesterday that he
was in the hospital having his hip
replacement surgery and I was 17
weeks pregnant.

Somedays I am completely caught
off guard by how fast time goes by.
I remember vividly, standing in the
pharmacy and wanting to cry because
we had completely under estimated Craig’s
limitations and recovery process. I wondered
how I would manage with a bulging belly. I
literally had to do everything for Craig and
let me remind you that there was nothing sexy
and fun about sponge bathing Craig. But I love
him. We made it through no worse for wear…..
and his parents showed up not long after
and it was some time before I had to cook again.

So Happy 1st Hipaversary Baby!

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