Our Christmas Tree is Up

by Rumour Miller on December 4, 2006

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And I am baking. Right now. As I type this.
Oh yea, and it is effing freezing here today. I
swear, Piper was a Pipersicle this evening when
I took her outside to watch Daddy put up our

We went to Craig’s work Christmas party on
Saturday night…. free effing booze! So, as per
everyone else at our table, Craig got trashed.
I drove home…. as we were driving there we
noted that next year we will get a hotel room
so that we can both get trashed. Kidding, I plan
to be knocked up by then….. sigh. That is kinda
funny (in a sick, twisted, infertility way) because
I really can’t plan a pregnancy after all.

Then today we met with our new family doctor.
We like him… he is nice… friendly…. (yes the
but is coming) But he isn’t our Baby Dr. nor
is he Baby Dr.’s wife, Dr. Sandy from grease.

Did I mention, our Christmas Tree is up? I love
our tree. Every ornament has a story of places
we’ve travelled or people who have loved us and
given us beautiful momentos to hang. Our lights
are white and my Mother-in-law has given me a
Nova Scotia Pewter ornament every year for the last
five years. I love them. Our other ornaments have
been purchased along our travels or gifts or purchased
to mark special occassion, like our first home, a new home,
our first together, our first together as a married couple and
last year our parents-to-be. The new one this year is
a Pewter Baby’s First Christmas .

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