Piper’s 1st Christmas

by Rumour Miller on December 27, 2006

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Was a smashing success! We had such a wonderful Christmas. Piper was great, even with all the excitement and people coming and going. She didn’t get cranky or anything. Christmas morning was a bit overwhelming for me as I tried to open Piper’s gifts and mine… The joy of my gifts got lost a wee bit but now that we are home I can sit and savour what I got. Piper was spoiled… it was the year of the DVD. She received 15 of them from various people. They must have known that Grampa was buying her a two screen travel DVD player.

All the gifts that she got were fabulous but one of the best is her new sleigh. It is a sleigh for the winter and has wheels to put on for the summer months. We went out for a walk around Gramma and Grampa’s house and she giggled and smiled. Molson loved it too! He ran around like a mad dog.

It is hard to imagine that any other Christmas could top this one… but I know that they will just continue to get better and better as Piper grows and as we, hopefully, add to our family.

Usually when we are at my parent’s place we try to get a few good family pictures. Some of the shots were pretty funny. Trying to get 5 adults, 1 baby and dog looking good at the same time…. but we managed to get a few.

All the ladies…

The group photo…

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Flygirl December 29, 2006 at 10:27 pm

Looks like a wonderful time!

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