Family Days

by Rumour Miller on January 27, 2007

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Craig only gets one day off this week… tomorrow.

I cannot tell you how very much I look forward to our Family Days together. Even when we have nothing special planned… especially when we have nothing special planned. Just our lazy days. Which aren’t as lazy as they used to be with Piper in da house.

Speaking of Piper… I know you are wondering. Her napping is getting better. I had no choice but to let her cry in crib yesterday. I escaped it by going into the shower and having a good long soak. It seems to have helped and each time I put her to nap I talk to her about “Sleepy Time”. I explain that she needs it, she will wake refreshed and happy and then we can play some more.

Who knows if she gets what I am saying but one day soon enough, she’ll get it.

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