It’s Official

by Rumour Miller on March 11, 2007

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I am on the hunt for a job.

I am more fortunate than most… I live in Canada where we get an entire year of subsidized leave so I can stay home with Piper. I have been home with Sweet Pea for more than a year…. One year 5 days to be exact! We’ll see how the hunt goes…. I likely won’t go on about it here because, well, that is boring shit… but if I accept a position somewhere, I’ll fill all y’all in.

On another note we may head to the US of freaking A to do some shopping sometime this month. I triple love shopping in the States so I am looking forward to that.

Did I mention that my baby girl has turned ONE? She is close to walking. She stands on her own and gives us a big cheesy grin because she knows she is the cat’s meow… and she has taken a few shaky steps but she’s not all out walking just yet.

She says Mom, Mama, Dad, Dadda, Ta (and hands you what she has in her hands or if you say Ta to her she gives up the goods too), and she is mimicking lots of other words that we are saying but she isn’t quite saying them yet. We did some Piper proofing today because, well frankly, I was finding it quite tiring picking up my tupperware and pots and putting them away every 10 minutes.

And just because

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Lora March 13, 2007 at 7:52 pm

Good luck on the job search! You’re definately lucky to be able to have a year off, but I’m sure you’re not looking forward to leaving Miss P. I love these pics, I think all babies love giftwrap and tupperware. It would save us a ton of money to just buy those things 🙂

Jen March 17, 2007 at 12:40 pm

Happy First Birthday, a bit late! Good luck on your job search!

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