Piper, don’t touch Mommy’s glasses!

by Rumour Miller on March 26, 2007

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Is a line I won’t have to say for much longer!

I have my consultation today for Laser Eye Surgery and if all goes well (knock on wood) then this Saturday I will no longer need glasses!

Now why I have not mentioned this sooner! I have known for over a month. It’s that whole jinxing myself thing. If I don’t blog about it nothing can go wrong… right?

I am so excited…. Off we go!

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Lora March 26, 2007 at 10:05 am

I’m so jealous of the laser eye surgery, I’d love to get it someday! My vision is like 20/500 or something 🙂

When do you start back work or have you already? I can only imagine how hard that day will be when it comes for me. Hugs to you!

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