Lost it, lost it, where did it go?

by Rumour Miller on April 5, 2007

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The Soosie that is… yup it’s gone (all of them).

I made an Executive Mommy Decision that there would be no more soosies in the house. So yesterday morning when we woke up I took Piper’s soosie and she hasn’t had it since. She was fine in the van and out at the mall but when it came time for an afternoon nap… well it wasn’t happening. I knew she wanted that damn soosie. I didn’t fight her on the whole nap issue and I still can’t let her cry it out so I just got her back up to play. By the time bedtime rolled around at 7:00 last night she was tuckered right out.

She went to sleep without her soosie. She still came to bed with us and she whimpered a few times during the night but she was sleeping without her soosie.

It’s gone. Bye Bye Soosie!

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