Month Thirteen – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on April 6, 2007

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Dearest Piper –

Thirteen months, no freaking way!

This has been a month of changes for you! Your carseat is no longer rear facing in the van which has opened up a whole new world to you. Now when Mommy glances back to check on you she can see you staring out the window checking out all of the sites. When we stop at a stop sign or a red light, Mommy is able to turn around and see your beautiful smile.

It is so much more fun for Mommy when she can turn around and see what you are doing.

Another big change (which has been almost as tough on Mommy as it has been on you) is that we have decided to get rid of your soosie(s). This was a decision that Mommy made and part of this decision was that there would be absolutely no looking back. No matter how much you protested it. It is an ongoing adjustment. You sure miss it and there are moments when I just want to run and buy 50 of them and shower them in your crib. In like 25 years, when you are in therapy over this, please know that this was not a punishment. Mommy and Daddy love you very much.

Mommy really believes that, once you have adjusted to not having the soosie, you will sleep much better at night and in the long run sleep much better at night in your own bed. Even though we continue to enjoy having you share our bed for the latter half of the night, it is losing it’s appeal. You are a mover and a shaker and sleep does nothing to slow you down. Mommy doesn’t like getting sucker punched when she’s sleeping.

We have really been having some fun this past month. You are well on your way to walking. Today has been your most productive day in terms of walking because you have been on the go all afternoon. Soon crawling will be a thing of the past.

You and Mommy start swimming lessons tomorrow. You have really started to love the water. Just for fun, we stayed a night in a hotel just so that we could go swimming and play on the waterslide. You loved the waterslide and everyone in the pool loved the big grin on the baby when she came down the slide.

You are such a cuddly little girl. You love giving hugs and will even give up a kiss or a two. We will tell you to give Molson a hug and you will lay your head down on him. It is so sweet how affectionate you are. I know that there will be a day when hugging and kissing your parents will cause you immortal embarrassment… so I am loving every minute of it now.

Our family has another big change coming up when Mommy goes back to work next week. At first, Mommy really had a hard time with the decision to go back to work. Mommy cried about leaving you and not getting to spend all day every day with you. I am still sad but I also really believe that you will be okay and you will love spending your days with other children. You and Daddy will have your own special days on Mondays and I think that is going to be invaluable to you both

You are learning so many new tricks and we think you are the smartest baby ever! When Mommy asks you a question you shake your head… it doesn’t matter the question. I could be handing you a piece of banana and say, “Do you want a banana?” and while you are grabbing it from my paws, you shake your head. It especially cute when Daddy asks, “Is it time for bed?” and you shake your head and continue playing with your toys.

Your most recent trick is hiding your food beside you in your high chair. Sometimes, it seems, that you are hiding it because you are done. Other times, we see you reach down and pop a piece of whatever you find in your mouth. It doesn’t really matter the reasons, we think it is darn cute.

You continue to be our sunshine on a cloudy day and your giggles are still the music to our ears. We are so thankful to have you as our daughter.

Mommy loves you, Sweetest Pea.

Love, Mommy

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