My Groove

by Rumour Miller on April 21, 2007

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I ain’t got it back. Not this quickly anyway.

I am still trying to find it. If you have seen it, send it home.

The first week was okay. Just okay. Piper has become a napping fiend…. but only Tuesdays through Fridays, of course. Day one at the sitters = 2 hour nap. Day two at the sitters = 2.5 hour nap. Day three at the sitters = 3 hour nap. Day four at the sitters = 3 hours and 15 minute nap.


How is this fair? I got 1.5 hours out of her today… barely. We managed to pull out the final 1/2 hour but it was close. Going to bed at night, stinks. Sucks rocks. Is this separation anxiety? As soon as I lay her down and try to leave the room she sits upright and starts to wail…. every. single. time. So sometimes, because it has been like almost an effing hour, I take her straight to my bed and lay there with her. Oh yes. She still comes to our bed WHENEVER THE HELL SHE FEELS LIKE IT. She’s the boss here. I just like to think I am.

The day bed is working out as well as can be expected for an almost 14 month old (yikes) that refuses to sleep in it. When she has slept in it, she has never fallen out. We have a second crib mattress that sits on the floor beside it just in case. Just in case we ever get lucky and she sleeps in her own damn bed for more than 3 or 4 hours.

I still like her being in our bed at some point in the night but I haven’t fully adjusted to her starting out there. I miss my “falling asleep to the T.V” and telling Craig to shut the damn thing off because I am tired. Plus, we are hoping to start trying for baby number two sometime this year and how is that going to happen with our first born constantly in our bed? Sheesh.

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BonnyT April 22, 2007 at 10:06 am

Forgive me for sitting here laughing my ass off, but your house sounds EXACTLY like our house 😀 And that makes me happy, in a sick sorta way…not because you’re frustrated, but because I’m not the only one going through it 😀 LOL

Our night routine, at the moment? After baths, BOTH kids in our bed…Lauren finshes her milk then goes to her problemo. Cole falls asleep with his bottle in our bed and I keep him there (lately) because I have no steam to fight him to go to his crib at the moment…

Hopefully soon.

As for baby #2…he’ll/she’ll have to be made during nap time..LOL! Cole was…..

Piccinigirl April 25, 2007 at 11:58 am

oh, that doesn’t sound fun at all, your GROOVE is lost. I promise to try to find it. In the meantime I hope things settle down a little and Piper gets back into her own groove. Maybe a little Dance music is in order. 🙂

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