by Rumour Miller on April 27, 2007

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This working thing sucks up all my free time!

The transition has been hard but not near as hard as I had been anticipating. Which I am very thankful for. Piper is adjusting to going to the sitters. They spend most of the their time outside. The weather has been fabulous and Piper loves being outside.

She has now decided that she should walk everywhere. Tonight we stopped at the grocery store and Little Miss Thang was walking up and down the aisle inspecting everything. She would go over to the cereal and check out the Froot Loops and I would say,

“Piper, honey, we don’t need cereal.”

She would then shake her head and walk away over to something else to inspect.

Then we tried to pick her up to leave and she became one of those babies….. she was crying and protesting and begging in her little baby babble, “Puleeeeeze let me down!”

I can see now things are going to really get interesting…. wish me luck.

ps: I don’t know why those darn pics aren’t showing up below.

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Lora April 28, 2007 at 10:16 am

That poem made me cry and congrats to your friends with their beautiful babies.

I love that Piper is Miss Independent! This age is the best and hardest for me thus far. Lily is smart and open to EVERYTHING, but with that comes rebellion. She is now doing the limp-body or fall-backwards manuevers to get out of my arms. Yesterday, she did it on a pier next to a lake. Awesome.

Hang on, I think we’re in for a wild ride!

BonnyT May 2, 2007 at 2:51 pm

LOL..I was just about to talk about the limp-body-fall-backwards-stiffen-up maneover, too…LOL.

Glad that everything is falling into place. How goes the sleep arrangements?

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