My Mommy Moment

by Rumour Miller on May 21, 2007

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I had an honest to goodness, “holy shit I am a Mom” moment.

Of course I knew and felt like a Mom when Piper was born. It is hard not to know that when you are getting up every three hours to feed, change or comfort a being the size of a football. I felt instant and unconditional love for her. I would hold her for the sake of holding her whether or not she was sleeping. I didn’t care about her needing to be held or wanting to be held long after she was no longer a new born. I enjoy that Piper still likes to snuggle and be rocked. Many times in the middle of her busy day, she will stop what she is doing to run over to me and give me a hug.

It melts my heart. Everytime.

The moment that I really knew that I was a Mommy was when Piper was sick with a stomach bug. I do not have a great history of dealing well with vomit. But I knew that I was a Mommy when I was rocking Piper and she threw up all over me. I just sat there, comforting her and letting her finish.
My Mommy moment isn’t romantic but it is real. She needed my comfort and I was able to give that her and I wanted to give that to her.
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