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by Rumour Miller on June 4, 2007

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Nothing too exciting happening around the Rumour Mill Headquarters. We are building a deck… okay we are watching our wood sit in the rain, while dreaming of building a deck.

The weather has been terrible, so we haven’t progressed much on the deck. Hopefully this week will mean nice weather and a deck to sip a cold bevie on.

In two days I will be the mother of a 15 month old. I must admit that there are days when I miss our BP (before Piper) days…. like when I am terribly exhausted and suffering from migraine… and all I want is to sleep past 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Then that munchkin runs into my arms with a big grin and a giggle and I totally forget about how tired I am. It is that easy. That quick.

I will say though that work sucks the energy out of me and on the drive home I am rejuvinated thinking about seeing Piper and hearing her bubbly giggle and her chatter. We have taken to calling her the Schiznik… that’s right, Piper is the schiznik.

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