A little bit of this and a whole lotta love

by Rumour Miller on June 28, 2007

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Things are moving along here at the Rumour Mill headquarters. Work is picking up, ALOT. Very busy this week has been and at home, well, Piper has a double ear infection.

Yup…. snuck up on us. She is such a good girl. If it wasn’t for my day care provider catching her subtle cues who knows when we would have realized it.

Monday she cried and clung to me when I dropped her off at the sitter’s and I just thought…. teeth. Tuesday morning the same thing. I was sad. I had hoped that there would be no regression in the drop offs. When I picked her up she was clingy and the sitter mentioned she was picking at her ear and seemed to have some soreness swallowing.

When we got home, she dropped herself to the floor crying and was difficult to soothe. That’s not like Piperoni at all. So to the Doctor we went…. and double ear infection.

She is still the shiznik around here though…. she puts her lips in a nice round O shape and says Ohhhhhh. Or she says Oh oh, when she drops something. So cute. She is also starting to say her name and will touch her chest too. It is so much fun teaching her new things.

I say “how much do I love you” and she puts her arms up wide…..

Watching her play in the tub tonight, kissing the bubbles and listening to Craig in the kitchen tidying up and talking to Molson and I was flooded with the feeling that is exactly what my life was meant to be.

I have a whole a lotta love in my life and am so very thankful for that.

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Just another Jenny June 29, 2007 at 8:47 pm

You know you are crazy in love with your baby when she has a double ear infection and there isn’t a hint of complaining from you. She must be quite the girl.

BonnyT July 2, 2007 at 11:25 am

Aww…poor Piperoni (I effing LOVE that nickname..LOL)…

So, have you taken her to the chiropractor? If you haven’t, take her. Trust me…let them have a shot at keeping them at bay.. If she keeps getting them, at least take her before any docs talk you into tubes…

Do you remember the last time you listened to me about chiro? 😉

Piccinigirl July 3, 2007 at 3:08 pm

Oh Feel better Piper. Go away yucky ear infections.

I love the thought of a house filled with those sounds. I am so happy that your house is so happy and full of love.

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