Month 16 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on July 6, 2007

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Dearest Piper –

This time last year you were enjoying your first ever camping trip! Sixteen crazy months later and Mama is tired. Exhausted. Loving every minute of it.

This month you attended your first small town fair, savoured the joy that is cotton candy and, well had your first taste of beer. Yes that’s right, I said beer! Daddy had a cold one after working on the deck and then he set his empty bottle down. Without thinking twice, you picked it up, put it to your mouth and tilted it back….. the last little bit of beer from the bottle, is never the best and you seemed to agree. You proceeded to gag and hang your tongue out of your mouth. It was quite the show. We are guessing you won’t be doing that again any time soon.
You are quite the little helper and Mama thinks you are so very smart. When Daddy was working on the deck, you made sure you were right there handing him things that you thought he needed. If he didn’t need it and told you to put it back, you did just that.

You are a pretty good help in the mornings as well. When Mama tells you to go get your shoes, you go off running in search of your Crocs. Apparently, Crocs are the only shoes that you will wear… and if you are not wearing them, you are carrying them. Piper, you will not leave home without them. Daddy says they better make winter boots or we could be in trouble.

You also help Mama when she asks you to turn off the television. You waddle on over and turn it off. Mama was so excited when you understood what she was asking you to do.

You are now sleeping in a big girl bed. Although you have been for quite some time, Mama didn’t want to jinx anything by writing about it. Most nights you are in bed sleeping by 8:00 and we don’t hear from you until some time in the very early morning hours. This isn’t the case, however, when you are feeling under the weather. Last week you met your first and second ear infections…. double whammy. You were such a trooper and it wasn’t until you came down with a fever that you were cranky. Needless to say, you have been cranky in our bed. We are hoping that you will soon be back to your old self.

Your shirt says “Sassy just like Mommy” and your Daddy and I fear it could be true. I think that we are running out of time and you will soon be giving us a run for our money.

You continue to be a very affectionate girl with Mama, Daddy and Molson. You are also starting to share that affection when you are at the sitters. There have been times when you are playing in the back yard at the sitter’s and Mama quietly sneaks around and sees you playing with the other kids… shrieking in joy and big smiles on your face.

You are thriving at the sitter’s and Mommy could not be happier. You and the kids now have to hug eachother or touch hands when it is time for you to go home. You always put a big smile on your face and wave to them while saying, “Buh Buh”. It is so cute.

We went to the beach and you loved the sand and surf. You enjoyed watching all the other kids

and playing in the sand. Mommy and Daddy had a great time too. Almost as soon as you got in the van to go home, you were fast asleep.

Mommy is still in awe that you are in her life. You continue to make Mommy’s heart sing. Sometimes it is just so hard to believe that another month has passed and yet here we are celebrating 16 glorious months. Glorious indeed. Sometimes, in the midst of all this joy, I quietly remember those times when I would close my eyes and pray to have you in my life…. even though, I didn’t know it would be you. Now, Mama closes her eyes and thanks you for choosing us.

Mommy loves you, Sweetest Pea.

Love Mommy.

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