Stop the insanity

by Rumour Miller on December 20, 2007

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Life seems so hectic lately. Work
is busy, Craig is busy and Piper
is damn busy! The only time that I
seem to have to myself is after 8:00 when
Piper is in bed and by that time, I
am freaking exhausted.

I had my first OB appointment today. I’ve
been spotting, again, off and on. This is
similar to when I was pregnant with Piper so
I am not overly concerned. Sensitive Cervix
and all.

At the appointment, the Dr. couldn’t find the
heartbeat…. (again, I wasn’t worried nor
surprised since we have been listening to it
at home for about a week now…. and Craig
is the only one who can find it). Anyway
due to the spotting and the absent heartbeat
and my recent miscarriage, she wanted to get
me in for a scan… earlier rather than later.

Which meant sometime in January, after the hustle
and bustle of the holidays. I drove back to work
(which takes me about an hour) and I no sooner sat
at my desk when my phone rang…. I had a scan
scheduled for 3:15. I jumped back in my van and
went back to the city.

I think the main reason she wasn’t able to find
the heartbeat was because of all the aerobics that
Bugaboo was doing… I have an active baby. Bugaboo
did not stop moving and the tech had a hard time getting
the measurements. Things looked good and she let
me watch the baby on the big television above my head
while she took the measurements.

All in all, a good day.

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