Month 23 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on February 6, 2008

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Dearest Piper ~

You are 23 months old today.

You got your first ever haircut this past month and you were such a good little girl. You sat still for the hairdresser and waited patiently while she trimmed your little mullet. I was sad to see that hair go, but I can’t wait for it to grow in longer and fuller.

This time last year we were preparing for your 1st birthday and now birthday number two is creeping up on us. I don’t know where all the time has gone. Being a parent has proven to be the most challenging thing that I have ever done. I only hope that I am doing a good job. There are still days that I look at you and can’t believe that somewhere inside of you is a part of me and a part of your father. When we talked about having a family, I never could have imagined just how wonderful it would really be.

I love that you are funny little girl.
I love that you love to laugh.
I love that you love to cuddle and kiss.
I love that you cuddle and kiss our pets.
I love that you sometimes prefer your Daddy to me.
I love that you sometimes prefer me to your Daddy.
I love watching you dance and listening to you sing.
I love when you talk to me, even if there are still some things I can’t decipher.
I love that you are outgoing.
I love that you welcome our friends into our home and make them treats from your kitchen.
I love that when I look you my heart grows, my insides warm and I can’t help but smile.

Mommy loves you Sweetest Pea,

Love Mommy.

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Dodi February 7, 2008 at 11:02 pm

I love that you write monthly letters to your daughter. So personal, and thank you for sharing.

Also… I know you don’t know me, but I tagged you over at my blog. Only if you have time, of course!

Sitting in Silence February 10, 2008 at 8:28 pm

Cute pictures….What a big girl…

Love your letter.

Have you heard you can now get blogs bound like a book ?.

Something great to keep hey?… and where are you?. Have not seen you around for a while ?…

D x

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