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by Rumour Miller on May 19, 2008

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No parties attended and not alot of beer
consumed. But a bonfire did happen at
The Rumour Mill Headquarters.

And quite a number of marshmellows were
consumed. Piper loved the bonfire but
mostly she loved the marshmellows.

We had great intentions of getting so much
done here this weekend with my parents help.
We did manage to accomplish alot, but not
everything. I guess we owe part of that to
picking out the wrong paint colour.

We picked out a pink colour called “Candy Coated”
for Bugs room… it should have been called
Pepto Pink. The walls were literally glowing.

So we bought a lighter shade and primed over
the Pepto yesterday…. today Craig and I are
trying to get it painted with the help of
our toddler… great times.

The railing on the deck is almost done but
with only one good day, a 1/2 a good day
and nothing but rain today…. it won’t
get finished. There aren’t enough hours in
the day.

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Dodi May 22, 2008 at 10:11 am

LOL about the paint!! When DD2 was about to be born we decided to redecorate the guest room for DD1… she still has a “feature” wall that is acid yellow (which was supposed to be a much softer color – according to the paint chip) because we ran out of energy to do it again.

Rest all you can!

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