Our August Long Weekend in Pictures

by Rumour Miller on August 4, 2008

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We started it off by taking Guinness for a swim in Rainy Lake. This was his first time swimming and it showed. He was a bit of a gong show. This is the exact same spot that we laid Molson’s ashes to rest… It is amazing how much I miss him.

Piper trying to get her swim on… she wouldn’t quite go swimming but she enjoyed playing in the sand and putting her feet in the water.

This is my sister with her two cute nieces. Of course the girls get spoiled whenever they are with Auntie.

We went to a little resort in Minnesota called Sha Sha’s.

Here is Auntie and the girls again getting their picture taken with the giant chipmunk.

Here we are about to sit down for a bite of lunch. It was a great lunch and we got a little bit of everything.

Sha Sha’s is known for the Long Island Iced Teas…. so everyone (but me, I had Corona with lime, and the kids) had one.

Piper is tasting the peanuts to make sure that they are okay to feed the chipmunks with.

Of course, Davilyn napped. She still does alot of this but one day she is going to wake up and join the party.

Take a look at the awesome nachos that we ordered. The picture does not do them justice, they tasted fabulous and could feed at least 6 people. We barely scratched the surface.

We thought the nachos were good… check out these wings! They were huge and tasty too!

After lunch we finally made it to the main attraction. Feeding the chipmunks! Piper loved it and these little critters will take the peanuts right out of your hand. She was so excited to feed the chipmunks and she is still talking about it. I am looking forward to taking Davilyn next summer.

Piper and Gramma sat there for a long time waiting for this one to come over.

Our happy little family posing with the giant chipmunk (and look at that, Davilyn is still sleeping).

What a cute little sign, so we had to stop for a photo.

Piper enjoying her little “water park” that Auntie bought her. We all had a great time watching her playing and running through the water.

And here is Davilyn…. you guessed it, sleeping. But she was there and that is all that matters.

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Lora August 6, 2008 at 5:22 pm

AWESOME pics! I can’t believe you can really feed the chipmunks!

Kellie August 6, 2008 at 10:33 pm

Nice pics… I can’t believe how much D sleeps, that is handy sometimes!


ROBYN August 7, 2008 at 12:35 am

great post! I love all the pictures, I hope you continue to do more posts like this one.

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