Month 30 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on September 6, 2008

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Dear Piper – 30 months, baby. I cannot believe it. You are turning into such a sweet caring little girl. One day when Mama was upset about something (I can’t remember what it was) you said, “it’s otay, Mama. Don’t cry.” And you gave me a kiss. Even though I wasn’t crying you were very concerned that I might. It melted my heart.

Conversations with you are so much fun. I wish I could video tape them all but I hope that they will live on in my memory. You are very sweet with Davilyn as well. Sometimes when she cries, I hear you say, “Mama’s here, sister Davilyn, don’t cry.” Just like Mama says to her. Then there are the days when you grab her by the foot and try to yank her over to you. The joys of toddlerhood.

I had so much fun taking you on vacation. All the rules were out the window. Living in a hotel room made it difficult to enforce an early bed time and naps but we had fun, didn’t we! We even let you… err, I should say, encouraged you, to jump on the bed. You and Daddy had a freaking blast and it was so much fun to listen to you laugh.

You are such a social little girl and you love to spend time with other kids. Mommy tries to get you out to playdates because I love to watch you interact with other children. I think that perhaps one day you will come with “social butterfly” written on your report card too…

Piper, you start gymnastics this month and I can’t wait! I think you are going to love it but if you don’t then that is okay too… we will try something else.

Mommy loves you, Sweetest Pea.

Love Mama.

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