A Brother?

by Rumour Miller on November 4, 2008

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While doing some organizing in our basement on Sunday, Piper requested a movie. I let her choose and she picked out our Wedding DVD. I told her what it was and she insisted she wanted to watch it anyway….

It starts off with pictures of Craig and I through the years. As it was going through Craig’s baby photos, I pointed out to Piper that it was Daddy when he was a baby. She then asked who was in the picture with him.

Me: “Those are Daddy’s brothers. Uncle Paul and Uncle Stephen.”

Piper: “Brothers? I want a brother too.”

Me: “Really. Well what about another sister?”

Piper: (pause) “Um, well… I already have one.”

Ever since then she has been telling us that she wants a brother. No more sisters, since she has Davilyn but a brother.

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