Month 8 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on February 1, 2009

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Dear Davilyn ~
You gave us our first big scare this past month. You caught a cold from your sister but it turned out to be more than a cold, it was bronchiolitis (RSV). You were so out of sorts and lethargic. Not eating and all you wanted to do was lay down on Mama or Daddy and sleep. You would sleep until you had to cough and that woke you up and caused you discomfort. We just held on to you, hoping you would get better soon.
Although I would much prefer you to be healthy, I did enjoy the snuggle bug that you had become. Even now, when you are feeling much better, you seem want to have a little extra snuggle at bedtime… lucky me.
We had two pretty terrible nights with you since you couldn’t sleep and we desperately wanted and to… After the second night, Daddy took you to the Children’s Hospital. Mama and Piper met you there and when we arrived Daddy was holding an oxygen mask to your face. It scared me when I saw that. Thankfully you did not need to be admitted to the hospital and we were able to take you home where you started to improve bit by bit.
By Monday morning (after 3 nights of taking turns staying up with you), I called Gramma and asked her to come… and she did. We all needed that. Gramma stayed up with you Monday and Tuesday and we were able to get some rest. By Wednesday you were well on your way to recovery and were starting to sleep on your own again. Thank goodness. For your health returning and for sleep. Yes, thank goodness for that glorious sleep.
You started to hold your own bottle in the last month as well! Yay, Davilyn! Sometimes you just mostly like to play with it but when the time is right, you get down to business and drink it all up.
We haven’t really been doing much this month. First it was far too cold for Mama to venture too far with her two best gals and then you got sick. I wasn’t going anywhere when you were feeling so lousy. Now that you are on the mend, the weather has turned fiercly cold again. -45 celsius with windchill. Cold, eh?
We went to see your paediatrician on Monday and he gave you a good bill of health and his blessings to travel on Friday… Mama is writing this ahead of time because on the day of your Eight Month Birthday, we will be in DisneyWorld! It is going to be a great vacation with the four
of us and Gramma & Papa! I can’t wait!
You still only have your two bottom teeth but I’m sure more are on their way… One of the funniest things I’ve said in a while was, “Davilyn, please don’t bite my face while pulling my hair.” It made me laugh because if someone had overheard me, they would think you were kicking Mama’s arse!
Mama is so very blessed to have you in her life. I am pretty pleased with how this “Mothering Two” has been turning out. Being paid in hugs and baby drool on a daily basis is one pay cheque that I love and I have you to thank for some of that! So, thank you Boo… thank you!
Mommy loves you, Bugaboo,
Love Mommy
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Soralis February 2, 2009 at 1:30 am

I love your letters! You will treasure these in years to come I am sure!

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