Month 37 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on April 6, 2009

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Dear Piper ~

There are many days when I cannot believe that you are already three and at the same time, you seem much older. You keep me company and fill our time together with much chatter and lots of laughs.

You are such a little girl and your vocabulary continues to amaze me. Today you told us that we needed to go to Superstore to get groceries. Specifically that we needed strawberries and nanas. Daddy corrected you by say Bananas and you proceeded to pronounce it Beenanas. You catch on so quickly to things, that… well it scares me!

You have adjusted very well to daycare one day a week and that makes Mommy so proud. You are very concerned about Davilyn too and make sure that she is taken care of. In a couple of months the both of you will be going three days a week and I think that you will do wonderfully.

You are Little Miss Helper and Little Miss Independent. Both are pretty dominant personalities right now. You love feeding your sister and she really seems to enjoy it too. Almost too much, since all you both do is laugh! It is very entertaining and Mommy also gets a big smile on her face.

It’s been a long winter… or at least it has felt like along one. We are all itchin to get out of the house and spend our days outside. Let’s hope it warms up fast!

Piper, being your Mommy has been such an adventure…. thank you for everything! I love you, more.

Mama loves you Sweet Pea,

Love Mama.

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