Month17 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on November 1, 2009

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Dearest Davilyn ~

You are already 17 months and you are always amazing! You are a little girl with her own personality and her own way of doing things. Often, I just watch you.
We took you and your sister for the H.1.N.1. shot the other evening and it was so hard waiting. It was well past your bedtime and you were so tired. You wanted to be no where else but at home in your crib. So you cried, and you cried and you cried. Then they called our name and you cried a bit when they gave you the shot but as soon as you saw the sucker. That glorious sucker! You stopped crying and enjoyed every second of that sucker.
So far so good and we go for round two of the shot in about three weeks. Yay us.
You love books and barbies and doing things yourself. You absolutely love to maul err, love on the cats. I seriously do not know how they stand it. But they do. They just lay there with you hugging and tugging and laying on them.
You have these cute little curls in your hair. Nothing crazy but after your bath or when you wake from your nap, is when we see them most. Just the cutest little curls at the back of your cute little head.
Things you are saying right now: Mama, Piper, Papa, Gramma, Hi, Bye, Bambo (Bandit), ello (jello), poo poo, taa taa, pat pat pat, blast off (bafff oofff), mimi (milk). Plus many other things that we don’t quite understand yet. But we soon will. You run to your high chair when you are ready to eat, you still love your milk and you are still sleeping all night in your crib, at least 12 hours (and we thank you for that!).
You are getting so big and learning so much, sometimes it is hard to keep up. We are doing our best.
Mama loves you Boo,
Love Mama
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