Pregnancy #5

by Rumour Miller on November 19, 2009

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Is unlike my pregnancies before. Aside from being on insulin since 12 weeks, it has been my easiest pregnancy. Easy because there is almost no stress for me this time. No spotting, no bleeding. None. Yay!

I am still tired but I mostly blame that on working almost full time and chasing around an 18 month old and a 3.5 year old. It’s no easy task somedays.
I’ve actually lost weight this pregnancy as well. I started seeing my Endocrinologist (to monitor my blood sugars/diabetes) when I was 5 weeks. My weight is down from that first appointment. I suspect that won’t last too much longer, since I am now 18 weeks. If I can make it through the holidays with minimal weight gain and consistent blood sugar levels, I will be such a happy camper.
I’m feeling movement and have been for a few weeks now, but it is still very soft. I have to be relaxing to really notice it. If I am busy it isn’t as obvious… yet.
We are having another girl and we have her name picked out and ready for her. I’m hoping for an April arrival (we are due April 21st) but planning for a March baby. I’d really like to hold on until at least 36 weeks and would love 37. I’ve never been pregnant past 36 weeks.
I am feeling good and couldn’t be happier and although I am not exactly looking forward to the every 3 hour feeding schedule…. I can’t wait to hold Diva 3 in my arms.
There are days when I can’t believe that we will be done with trying to conceive, pregnancy and newborns… but I look forward to playing with my children and watching them grow and watching them grow up together.
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